"Directory location Mac/Linux of RM building blocks possibly not correct since version 5"

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I was looking into RM building blocks and was curious to know where these are physically stored on disk. My "Local Repository" is symlinked to Google Drive so I always have everything wherever I go. I wanted to do the same thing for building blocks.


On Mac (and I suppose Linux) the RM 8.1 configuration files are stored in ~/.RapidMiner. Inside that directory there's a folder "buildingblocks". However, when I create a building block in RM this directory remains empty. It turns out that RM writes the building block XML directly to ~/.RapidMiner instead of this (more logical) "buildingblocks" folder because I see the file




instead of ~/.RapidMiner/buildingblocks/Retrieve1.buildingblock


When the building blocks are 1 level up I cannot easily symlink them to somewhere else. I'd like to symlink the whole "buildingblocks" directory to Google Drive but if it stays empty that's a bit pointless :)


Could you perhaps submit a bug report for this and fix this? It would greatly help my way of working.






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    this is somewhat inteded behaviour. we've added the buildingblocks folder in 7.5 or so. It should enable you to clone a GitHub repo of building blocks into this subfolder. We did not change the "normal" behaviour of storing this in the .RapidMiner folder.




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