bug report in Pareto chart (?)

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I assume the numbers of 'culumative labels' on this Pareto chart (image attached) aren't the result of the intended behaviour. Or are they?
I guess all the necessary info is on the picture. Should there be more info about the circumstances and so, please, advice me what's needed!



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The old charts will be replaced by a completely new charting system in the near future. IC-809


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    Hi @geza_molnar,


    Thanks very much for the bug report! 

    Yes! You are correct. When the sorting direction is set to be 'descending values' or 'ascending values' the pareto chart is messed up.



    A temporary walkaround is to pick the other two choices for sorting direction: either 'descending keys' or 'ascending keys' should work.

    ascending keys.PNG

    Thanks again for your valuable feedback! We are working to fix it.




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    thanks very much for this bug report. Will follow up with updates from here.

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