Recognizing Patterns in binominal data

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Hello folks,


I have a data set containing of two coloumns. 

One is a time stamp the other is a binominal Yes/No column.

What I try to do is to find patterns in the Yes/No Data. For example something like 4 times Yes, 1 times no, etc.

The problem is that I cannot really define the pattern I am looking for.

The next level would be to apply a found pattern to another data set and see if the secound data set has similar patterns.

Does anyone has a clue which operators I could use for this?

Thanks in advance


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    There really isn't anything built into RapidMiner that I am aware of to do this.  You could take a look at some of the operators in the Series extension, but I don't think any of them are doing exactly what you are interested in.  Your best bet might be to find an R or Python script that does what you want and then incorporate it into your RapidMiner process that way.  

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