Finding most common words in text attribute

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Hello all,


This is my first post on this forum, though I have been using RapidMiner for some time now, so hi to all of you! I hope you can help me out with a problem that I just can't seem to solve.


I want to get a list (like a top 10 or a top 20) of the most common word throughout a text attribute. I have already performed the basics (Nominal to text, Process Documents, tokenize, filter stopwords) and even developed some prediction models, but I am just not finding any operator that will show me the words that occur most commonly throughout the dataset (or better yet, the most common words per label). Can anyone help?


Thank you so much in advance. Regards, Rick


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    @rickluger Have you tried connecting the WOR port from a Process Documents operator to RES? That'll give you what you seek. 

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    And if you want to do anything other than look at the wordlist, try the Wordlist to Data operator on that output.  This will turn the wordlist into a normal exampleset so you can do things like filter, generate data visualizations, and anything else you mgiht like.

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    and welcome to the community! :)




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