how to save a auto model

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hi everybody, i have a question please. How can i save a "auto-model" analysis into a repository after i have the results? Thanks.



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    The only way to do this is to click "Open Process" at the bottom which brings you to the design view showing the complete process which generated all results.  There, you can add "Store" operators or simply run it and save selected results in the repository.


    Hope this helps,


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    adamfadamf Member Posts: 34 Contributor I

    Sounds great.  But, for some reason the "Open Process" button is greyed-out after my auto model produces its results. 


    Is there an additional step that must be performed or selection made etc. in order to enable the "Open Process" button?


    Assuming that I get past this step and I can view/access the process, how would I then be able to save one or more of the optimal models so that I can use it in another process (or recurring scheduled server task) to analyze and make predictions with new data on a periodic basis?


    Thank you,



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    kypexinkypexin Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 291 Unicorn

    Hi @adamf

    'Open Process' opens the process which is generated for each of the model created by auto model (by default there are max. 7 different models).

    Make sure that after Auto Model has finished, you actually choose the desired model from the list of models at the left before you try to open any process.

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    adamfadamf Member Posts: 34 Contributor I

    Thank you for the quick response.  Your suggestion resolved the issue.


    - Adam


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