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I am new user to Rapid Miner.
I installed the Keras Model extension and tried to run with the Keras samples. However, I get an error showing "The setup does not seem to contain any obvious error, but you should check the log messages or activate the debug mode in the settings dialog in order to get more information about this problem."
I have tried to change the environment variable (Control Panel--->System--->Advanced--->Environment variable), however, it does not work.
I would like to seek help on this issue. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks.  

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    Hi @chinrenjie,

    could you check if your python path is set correctly inside RapidMiner Studio? Therefore click on "Settings -> Preferences..." and check the python path in both tabs "Keras" and "Python Scripting". The path should be the same and point to a python version that has Keras installed. For testing if your python fulfills those needs, go to the "Keras" tab and click on "Test". If libraries are missing, try installing them via the `pip` command in your command line.


    Hope this helps,


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