Rapidminer on HPUX and Solaris/Sparc?

data123data123 Member Posts: 23 Maven
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Hi All, 

I need help on installing rapidminer on HPUX and Solaris/Sparc. Any clue?





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    SGolbertSGolbert RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 344 Unicorn



    I would try downloading the Linux version. You must have JAVA_HOME defined and there is a chance that it will also work on other unix systems.




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    rfuentealbarfuentealba Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member, University Professor Posts: 568 Unicorn

    Hi @data123,


    Completing a bit on what @SGolbert said: although the Linux version should probably work given that RapidMiner Server is built on top of JBoss and JBoss can be installed on Solaris, make sure that the syntax of the .sh files in $RMSERVER_PATH/bin is compatible with the syntax of the provided /bin/bash. I remember having issues with non-portable shell files in the past.


    Probably you won't face any issues, but if you do, my experience (a. k. a. the polite way to talk with others about past mistakes) tells me that one of the first things I have to check is how the .sh syntax varies between Linux and Solaris.


    Would be interesting to know how this goes!

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