Trouble Importing Data with Educational Version

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I have an Educational Version for Mac and the program was working great until I updated the software the other day.  Now I am unable to load data greater than 5000 rows.  Is this a licensing issue due to the change in version?  At the top of the app it states that I am using the studio educational version 8.1.003.  I've also reloaded my license and have ensured that my account was linked through the settings tab.  Everything looks like I should have full access, but I do not.  I reinstalled the software twice and even cleaned out the hidden .rapidminer folder and relinked my license to no avail.  I also confirmed my academic license was recieved on Feb 2018 and it shows that it is valid through Feb 2019.  I even tried to re-apply for another educational license with the newer version, but was unable due to the current one still being active with the same e-mail address.  I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.


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    hi @mb188 - hmm that is very odd. The educational license should give you unlimited rows and even the "free" license is 10,000 rows. Can you please send me a PM with your rapidminer-studio.log file right after you hit this error message?






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