RapidMiner with Linux Server back-end and IPad front-end for education

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My college has recently switched to IPads for all students rather than laptops.  In addition the college has a set of linux servers where services can run for the students.  I'm trying to setup a data analytics tool in this environment for my students to learn the basics of data analytics (visualization, statistical analysis, machine learning, etc.).  And perferable I'm looking for free versions of software for this environment.  Will RapidMiner work in an environment like this -- install RapidMiner Server on one of the linux servers and have students interact with this as a service via a web-interface? Thanks.


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    Hi @oliphantlt

    Technically, RapidMiner studio is NOT an interface to a server part, but rather a standalone product, this means that in order to use RM studio at client side you still have to install studio instance, which is not really possible to do on an IPad I think.
    However, maybe other community members can suggest some flexible setup for your case.  

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    I understand the "RapidMiner Studio" is an end-user application and runs on desktop machines, but isn't "RapidMiner Server" a service that runs on a server and is accessed via a web-interface?  Is there some educational version where I can install the server version on one of our linux servers and have multiple students access it at the same time from their IPads?  From what I can see the educational license only allows one client (or technically only one logical processor) at a time.

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    Your understanding is basically correct, but these two parts do not duplicate each other's functionality; studio is used for data transfromation, analysis and modelling while server is for deploying models as web-services. You actually need a studio instance in order to create and run any process on the server side. Without studio, the server alone does not provide any interface to create and run processes. 

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    @oliphantlt what you could try is expose the RM Server with a rest-api, for which you can write an iPad front end and use the rest-api to send data back and forth to RM Server.

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    Actually I'm going to suggest a slightly different setup than the other answers below.  


    What you want to achieve is a data mining environment that the students can access from their iPads and can help them learn data mining.  But you didn't specify that the RapidMiner needs to run ON the iPad, just be accessible from it. 

    Your college already has linux servers they can use, so why not use one of those Linux Servers to serve virtual desktops for the students that they can then access via their iPads?   This gives you great control on the security, software, resources & data the students can use in their projects and there are lots of free applications for iPad already that allow remote desktop access.  The only major decision you would need is what Linux GUI is most suited for access via iPad.  


    iPadDiagram.pngSuggested simple setup

    (yes, I drew a diagram.  hahahaha)



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