Enter values of attributes of a new example to predict its label using Netbeans

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Hello people

i have a simple KNN process which takes an excel dataset as the training data Set , i can run it from inside NetBeans and display the accuracy of the model generated by it , my question is : How can i enter values for a new example "without entering the label value of course which i want to predict" from inside NetBeans..and then displaying the result of this example's label after applying the model on it

thank you in advance



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    Miritar_6Miritar_6 Member Posts: 12 Contributor I

    hello i've been able to solve this problem like this:

    i imported the jxl jar into rapidminer so i could create excel file then i was writing the new values that the user was entering into this excel file, now inside my RapidMiner process i read directly form this file and everything worked fine

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