how to use rapidminer

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I have read a lot of articles about using rapidminer but really not helpful so I want somebody to help.


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    Right next to your post there's a Getting Started with RapidMiner Studio video. I suggest looking at some of the introductory videos.


    Do you have an existing use case and the necessary data? After watching the videos, you should be able to start. If you'd like to do a classification, for example, you need to import your data into Studio, set the role of your target attribute (the one that should be predicted) to "label", and add a modeling algorithm, e. g. Naive Bayes. The next step would be using a Cross Validation instead of just the model that shows you how well your model performs.


    Good luck on your RapidMiner journey!




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    hughesfleming68hughesfleming68 Member Posts: 323 Unicorn

    I think Thomas Ott has some great tutorials. Look them up on YouTube or directly from his website.


    Machine learning is a wide field. First decide on where you would like to start. If you focus on one area first and get comfortable assembling processes everything else becomes much easier down the road. It can take some time to get up to speed.


    Read the forum daily and try to be specific with your questions. With general questions, you should get a wide variety of useful reponses.



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