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smackdown33smackdown33 Member Posts: 19 Maven
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Hi I was wondering is it possible in the XML file to ensure that the values for your label_attribute are nominal other then using the data loading wizard.

Thanks for any help on the matter.


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    keithkeith Member Posts: 157 Maven
    If you're using ExampleSource to read in data, you can create a custom-written .aml file that indicates which attributes are nominal.

    If you're talking about converting data after it's read into RM, then Numerical2Polynomial converts a numerical attribute to a nominal one.  You could probably use AttributeSubsetPreprocessing to select just the label, and if its numerical use N2P on it.


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    smackdown33smackdown33 Member Posts: 19 Maven
    Thats great keith, thank you very much.
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