"How do I configure properties of the database connection used by RapidMiner Server"

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Database connection properties are defined by the JDBC driver of your database. The meaning of these properties should be described in the documentation of your database and driver, but you can easily get an overview of them by using RapidMiner Server which shows a list of properties when configuring database connections via the Web interface (Administration > Database connection > Advanced settings). Please consult the documentation of your JDBC driver and database which properties can be configured and what meaning they have.

All of these settings can also be used for configuring the data source that RapidMiner Server uses for its internal database connection.

To apply this setting to the database connection used by RapidMiner Server for its internal data, modify the following line in the standalone/configuration/standalone.xml file in the RapidMiner Server installation directory for the RapidAnalyticsDS datasource element:


the exact modification depends on the database you are using, e.g. for MySQL it would be :


while for MSSQL it would be:


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