"Generate Attribute using values of Aggregate Attributes"

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Hi RM team, seems to be a very basic calculation, but can't create an expression for the following scenario.

I have example set with Positivity values (positive, neutral, negative). I'm using aggregate operator to perform counts for all example set.


Have table as output in the following format:

Positivity(Att1) Count of Positivity (Att2)

Positive                    500

Neutral                     100

Negative                   500


I then need to generate another Attribute (positivity %), which needs to have a ratio value based on positive/negative values from att2.


What is the proper expression to use in this case?




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    Hi @svtorykh,

    one way to do this is to extract the number of examples before hand using Extract Macro and then simply divide by it using Generate Attributes.




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