Installing extensions using the GUI launched from RapidMiner Studio Core (java).

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I've installed RapidMiner Studio Core and created the Now I want to add an extension, I execute but the option for searching extensions is unavailable/empty?!

What shall I do to solve this issue?

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    Hi @csalexandre,


    what exactly do you want to do? Did you install RapidMiner via the RapidMiner web site or did you check out the git repository?

    If you checked out the open source core from git, the market place might not available in the software. However, you can manually install extensions by browsing the RapidMiner Marketplace, find the extension you want to install and then click "Download File". Accept the EULA and then download the extension (it is a jar file named soemthing like rmx_...-ANY-version.jar). This jar file has to be put inside your .RapidMiner/extensions folder in your user directory and then it should be available at your next RapidMiner Studio start.


    I hope this helps!


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    Hi Jan


    I did both but your answer is exactly what I need, thank you!



    Best regards,

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