Help! "Error: Job Service Currently Not Available..." on our production server.

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Hello dear community members. It's been a while. This week, we upgraded our server from 7.5 to 8.2. We have RM server running as a JBOSS instance on a cloud machine with Ubuntu 14.04. This is not a client facing server but we use it extensively for internal purposes as when projects demand. This morning I logged in to the admin page to add a user to the server and noticed this error being displayed at the top.


I looked up the issue in the community forum however a re-install is not an immediate option. Also I cannot easily mess with java settings on that server as I'm not very proficient in Bash and we have a small java based graph db running on that server as well. Our IT team is located offsite and immediate availability is an issue sometimes. But certain jobs have been halted due to this issue now. I'm data analyst, and server troubleshooting isn't my strongest suite. Is there anything I can do to fix it myself? Attached are the job-agent logs, I could not find where to look for the server logs. Thank you.



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    Hi @pari1234,

    First, look how much CPU and RAM is being used in your server. I read the logs and I faced this problem before: in my case it has been solved by just closing some dead processes and restarting the RapidMiner Server.

    Next, how did you install your job agent? It throws an error regarding not having the proper licenses. That is a bit weird.
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    Thanks @rfuentealba, the license part is indeed a bit weird as we do have a valid license for the 'large' edition and it seems to be installed. As for processes, as of now, there are no active processes being executed on the server. We do have a few inactive web services sitting there. However I don't want to delete them as a lot of them were designed for proof-of-concept projects. 

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    since you have a large license you also have professional support. please connect with our support team at support.rapidminer.com for this.




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