The dummy operator Read Database (replacing jdbc_connectors:read_database) cannot be executed.

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I creat a process and run it in the RM Studio, it shows correct result in Results panel. Then I want to use it in my program, so I create a test class to run the process by using code like this:



But result isn't what I expected. 



Then I debug it and find the reason, "myProcess" created by "processXML" isn't right, but "processXML" is right.

Process myProcess = new Process(processXML);
myProcess.setProcessLocation(new RepositoryProcessLocation(pLoc));



But why? What is a dummy operator? 

Does anybody know the answer? Thanks a lot.




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    JDBC connectors are not part of the open-core but in a seperate extension called jdbc-connections. This extension is not open source.





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    Does it mean that I can't use "read database" operator in my program? And another question, when I using it in RM, I didn't add any extension named "jdbc-connectors" and didn't found anything like that in marketplace. So why am I able to use it in RM and get the right answer? Thanks a lot.

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