Could not initialize class org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration

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I got this exception suddenly while managing Radoop Connections:




It was ok early, I even got the data from hive database using this connection. But today, I wanted to run the process which is created before, it shows some error message.

Then I went to check the connection, and I got the exception detail.


I imported configuration from a Cluster Manager, and I only had to change the jar file location because other configurations are imported automatically.




Does anybody know how to fix it? I really need help.

exception message: "could not initialize class org.apache.hadoop.conf.configuration".







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    I manually added some jar packages, which do not exist in log file error message. Then I can run successfully. But I remember seeing it in your official documentation (maybe mistaken), if I use Radoop to connect, I don't need to manually handle the hadoop-related jars.
    Is that right?
    ps: I added jar pakages like:



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    Your stacktrace indicates that you are using some older Radoop version. Can you share which one exactly? Is upgrading to a newer version an option for you? This particular functionality has been slightly changed in recent versions, which makes it impossible to bump into this problem at this exact location.

    If for some reason it's not possible then please share the full log generated by the Extract Logs functionality. This kind of exception is usually thrown if something went wrong during the initialization of the class previously (static init block), and knowing this previous error is crucial for diagnosing this problem.




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    I am using RM-8.1.3 and installed Radoop extension and hive-connector in my RM software.

    I didn't choose the version and just click "install" and it's the actual version I got.




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    It's a bit strange, because that is the newest released version, however the actual running code indicated by the stacktrace is definitely not the newest. Could you please attach the whole Studio startup log? It's in the console panel of the IDE if you start Studio from an IDE, and the output of the Rapidminer-Studio batch file if you run the shipped version.




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    Yes that's right. Note that even though it's good that at least Radoop works for you this way, this is only a hacky workaround. You shouldn't be supposed to do this, and it's almost only a coincidence that this fixes your problem. The real important underlying problem seems to be this version mismatch, which is still not fully clear to me.

    Is it possible that you also moved the radoop jar around in Studio folders some time ago?

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    I didn't move any dependencies in the rapidminer folder and only added missing dependencies to it. This is the contents of my folder. My RM is 8.1, but the radoop extension downloaded is 8.2 by default. I don't know if it has any effect.

    PS: I didn't see any jars named "***radoop***".





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