Text mining references for a systematic review

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I am very new to Rapid Miner and therefore fairly confused. 

My aim is to enter an excel document containing 7000 references from medical databases, enter relevant and non relevant terms to my topic and then get rapid miner to rank the 7000 references according to the terms entered. Or basically anything similar... I just want it to pick the most relevant references to my topic. 

So i've got the excel document in rapid miner studio...how to I get it to find the most relevant references? 

I massively apologise if this has been covered. I did check the past posts but they are either not 100% relevant or are too technical for me to understand. 

Thanks so much for your help...! 


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    We'd gladly help you, but we need to understand the question fully and also see some or all of the data to experiment on our own. In our field no problem is easy!

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