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I have an RM Studio Small license - Limited to 100K rows.  However, when I attempt to bring in xlsx file (Add Data) it is limiting me to only bringing in 5000 rows, stating "Sheet content too large".  Is this limitation referring just for the preview and I can assume the model will use all my records (40k)?  Or, is something wrong with my setup?

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    Not sure if this is your case, but was mine:

    If you don't know how many rows are in your .xls file, you should make sure to put only column names (A:E) instead of a fixed number of rows (A1:E5000). The former takes in account all the values from columns A to E, while the latter only takes in account the values from row 1 to row 5000 and columns A to E.


    I always make that same mistake.

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