Why lib folder isn't in build folders after compile?

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I added some custom jar packages to the lib folder.

However, the compiled build folder does not contain a lib folder, which makes it impossible for me to use these added jar files.







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    Hi @21310122!

    I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do. But jars in the lib folder usually are just used to have access to jar files that cannot be accessed through maven. If you add a jar to the lib folder, you can then reference it in the gradle build file, and after building it, the classes should be available.

    However, the lib folder is not recognized as a resource or source folder, so of course the contents are not taken into account for the build of the project itself.



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    So what I need to do? 

    Here is the situation:

    I want to add some jar files in rapidminer5's extension project and use its path in code.

    But when I run rapidminer5 and use the operator created in extension project, it shows that the path cannot be recognized.

    So what value should I set for parameter 'path'?

    Thank you a lot.

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