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This is a new thread dedicated solely to questions, issues, praise, constructive criticism of the new RapidMiner 9.0 Server. Please feel free to comment below.


Enjoy the new RapidMiner 9.0 Server!




  • SGolbertSGolbert RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 344 Unicorn

    Hi @Edin_Klapic, @sgenzer,


    after being able to download the 9.0 installer, I couldn't upgrade from 8.2 to 9.0. I can actually reach the web interface, but putting my user name and password doesn't have any effect, i.e. I'm stuck there. The same for the admin user.


    I attach the server.log, but I didn't detect anything out of the ordinary.


    Going back to 8.2 for the moment.

  • Edin_KlapicEdin_Klapic Moderator, Employee, RMResearcher, Member Posts: 299 RM Data Scientist

    Hi @SGolbert,


    We are aware of issues when updating from v8.2.0 to v9. They can be solved by first updating to v8.2.2 and then to v9. From which version exactly are you updating?

    Which Postgres version are you using?


    Happy Mining,


  • SGolbertSGolbert RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 344 Unicorn

    Hi Edin,


    Going back to 8.2.2 (among several other things I tried) solved it. Thanks!!




  • SGolbertSGolbert RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 344 Unicorn

    Hi all,


    I have discovered that there are problems when accessing RM Server 9.0 from an internet browser which has been used for 8.2. It seems that there are cached data that somehow interferes with 9.0's login. I have tested in two computers and in both cases I couldn't login.


    The solution is to clean the cache or use another browser.


    Best regards,


  • karl_wajandkarl_wajand Member Posts: 1 Contributor I



    Since it is not possible to directly upgrade from 8.0.1 to 9.0 I would need to download the "old" server installation package for 8.2.2 (or 8.2.1), but there seems to be no download archive. Could you please provide a download link for the old package?

    Best regards,


  • mmichelmmichel Employee, Member Posts: 129 RM Engineering

    Hi Karl,


    we've just released RapidMiner Server 9.0.1 which fixes the migration problem.

    Please download and use the new version instead.




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