OperatorChain Class and creating super operator

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I am trying to create extension that uses subprocess and for that I am using OperatorChain class.

Is there any documentation or implementation for the creating super operator..?

I have already tried these links:

  1. https://rapidminer.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/RapidMiner-extensions.pdf
  2. https://community.rapidminer.com/t5/Developer-Forum/Operator-Chains/m-p/8009#M563 (redirecting on different page)
  3. https://github.com/rapidminer/rapidminer-extension-tutorial

Still is there any link or document which can provide more detailed explanation of these classes or process..?

Any suggestions where to look for more details..?



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    Hi @abhi97660,


    Nice to hear that you want to create your own extension with super operator.


    Yeah the OperatorChain class can be a bit more tricky, but I think the "How to extend RapidMiner" Whitepaper (your first link, you can find an online version also here) should be a good starting point. The chapter 5.7 - 5.10 should describe the basic work principles. 


    Do you have concrete problems/questions we can help with?


    Best regards,

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    abhi97660abhi97660 Member Posts: 11 Contributor II


    Thanks for suggesting the link.

    I am using RM studio 8.2

    I went through the link and I am always getting this error in below image

    missing.PNGI tried the code in the given examples.

    I am trying send FileObject to the subprocess and getting this error.

    I have tried PortPairExtender as mentioned in the suggested links.


    I am trying to download multiple files for processing and by using this custom operator I dont want to wait for the whole files to be downloaded but I want to upload the file as soon as it is processed whereas rest of the file downloading can continue.

    Any suggestions why this error might be occuring..?

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