Naming output ports or datasets

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OK, apologies for being a complete bumpkin newbie....but

How can I change the name of the output ports, or more specifically the resultant datasets.

Example: I have a dataset in the repo, it has a MAC addresses and some various figures of merit. In some cases there are duplicate MAC adresses (a device got run on the test system twice), so I want to cull out the duplicates, BUT, I also want the duplicates as a separate data set. The duplicate block does this very well, and has a duplicate output port, which I route to one of the process outputs. But I want to give those sets a human understandable name....not the name RM assigns.

How does one do that?

Thanks in advance


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    If you use the Store operator to keep a copy in the repository you can call it whatever you want.  And you can also use Retrieve to call it up in any other process too (as opposed to only the process you originally create it in, which is what happens if you don't store it).

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    cmosesjrcmosesjr Member Posts: 6 Contributor I

    Thanks Telcontar, That will work for me!


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