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Issues with RapidMiner 9 basics

mukund_veeraragmukund_veerarag Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
edited November 2018 in Help

I installed RapidMiner 9.0 studio. Started and performed a basic retrieve operations.  On parameters I gave Titanic data set. Connected the the operator to ouput port. Clicked on Run button. Expected to see, Titanic data in Result tab, as I used to see in previous versions of RapidMiner. Nothing, absolutely, nothing happens. It dosen't tell me if there is an error, or it is successful. If it successful, why the table is not showing up in result panel.

Tried out Turbo prep with A kaggle dataset. After going thru all the stpeps as directed, I am not sure, what will happen next, there is no direction, your data prep is finished, go here and see results. As said before, clicking on Run does not do anything. Same with Auto modelling. Release 8.x , Automodel used to give results. Now I dont if I should wait for ever, click run button go to result tab. If I do, Turboprep, Does the data alone changes or underlying process also changes ? Because I created a repository and did some manual processing of data wrangling. Turboprep, neither changed the data in repository already exsisting nor the associated process. Sorry for long one, but first time, very frustrated with Rapid Miner. Pls help



  • atimmatimm Employee, Member Posts: 13   RM Engineering

    Hi @mukund_veerarag,

    there are different issues that you are talking about. I'll try to go through them:

    - The result view should appear after running the described process, you are correct. Is the "Result" button on the top visualized as pressed after running the process? It could be that the view failed in a previous startup of RapidMiner Studio and did not reset itself. Go to the menu "View" and execute "Restore Default View" or go to the Global Search (Ctrl+F) and enter "Restore Default View" to get that action. After doing that the actual view will be set to defaults, so you may need to switch to the "Result" view first.

    - Turbo Prep and Auto Model are not executed through the "Run" button, the button does run the current process in the Design view. It is always visible to be able to do Auto Modeling or Data Preparation whilst a process is running or stops for a breakpoint.

    - Auto Model and Turbo Prep have all the interactivity inside their panels so in the final step you need to go and "export" the data or use "model" to go to auto modeling. From Auto Model you can simply "open the process".


    If this did not help please attach your rapidminer-studio.log from your home/.RapidMiner/ directory so we can dig deeper.




  • mukund_veeraragmukund_veerarag Member Posts: 3 Contributor I

    HI Andreas

    I did rest the views as default. Run button shows pressed. But there are no results.

    I am attaching the screen snapshot. Maybe there is some basic thing I am not doing.

    I am also attaching the logs from C:\Users\HP\.RapidMiner. Three logs.  


  • mukund_veeraragmukund_veerarag Member Posts: 3 Contributor I

    Attached rapidminer-studio.log. I cannot attach rapidminer-studio.log. Says it is not a valid extension. hence I had to save it as .txt file and uploading.

  • atimmatimm Employee, Member Posts: 13   RM Engineering

    Hi @mukund_veerarag,

    just wanted to double check, did you go to the results view by pressing the "Results" button on top and afterwards run "View -> Reset Default View"?


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