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Hello Developer Community,


I am a new user to RM studio. How would one go about creating an extension to operationalize the feature extraction method using TS-FRESH? I am doing some research with this method, so having this feature extraction method in GUI vs. Command Line would be a major plus for expediting work efforts.


tsfresh is a python package. It automatically calculates a large number of time series characteristics, the so called features. Further the package contains methods to evaluate the explaining power and importance of such characteristics for regression or classification tasks.



I wanted to post in the new idea section, but for some reason, I'm not allowed to post ideas.





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    hi @richardsona4 -


    Yes my apologies for your inability to post ideas. I purposely block "newbies" from posting ideas because, more often or not, their ideas are usually already solved and they have not found them yet. :) That said, your idea is 100% legitimate so I am granting you that privilege right now. Ah, the power of a community manager!


    On your extension question - that's great! We love people who want to do this. You have a few options open to you:

    • You can hard-code RapidMiner extensions in Java and submit them to RapidMiner for the marketplace. All instructions on how to do this are here: https://docs.rapidminer.com/latest/developers/creating-your-own-extension/
    • An easier thing to do would to build a "building block" (a mini-process) just within a RapidMiner subprocess that has an Execute Python operator that does your special thing. If you can get that working, I can post it in the Community Samples section of RapidMiner Studio:

    Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 8.52.39 PM.png


    As you can see, my one "Append with Union" building block is rather lonely so it would be great if you add. This is a brand-new feature of RapidMiner Studio so you're getting in on the ground floor!


    Hope that helps! Good luck building!




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