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My import data table (( n x m) in .txt format) includes n=1.600.000 rows (which are attibutes/variables) and m= 600 columns (subjects). Could I transpose the rows and columns after import my data table to RM and use transposed table ( m x n) commonly requested for RM input data tables? Could I export /save the transpose data table ( m x n) or/and its subtable(s) from RM to table into .txt, CSV or other formates?

Do you know any RM basic tutorial or model to learn how to do it? Thank you.




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    Hi @kuznetsv,


    Nice that you find your way to the community. Tranposing your data in RapidMiner is a simple task. You can use the 'Transpose' operator to do this. If one of your columns contains also the name of the attributes, you can set this attribute to the id role ('Set Role' operator) and the transpose uses this to name your transposed columns/attributes.


    For exporting/saving ExampleSets (and hence also the transposed ExampleSet) RapidMiner offers also a large variety of operators. Write CSV, Write Excel, Write ARFF to name a few. You can also export your data in a database (SQL like or no sql like) or use cloud based storages (like Amazon S3, Dropbox, ...)


    Note that the number of rows you can process at once depends on your licence.



    Best regards,

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    hi @kuznetsv - completely agree with @tftemme. Also have you tried using Turbo Prep? This may be easier if you are new to RapidMiner. :)



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