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Imported date data gets a additional value that makes the date format incopatible, help please.

H_LahtinenH_Lahtinen Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
edited December 2018 in Help

Hello Forum,


So I have imported data that has a date column of the format "dd/MM/yyyy" but when I import the CSV file there is a ";" that gets added after every date value. Like this;  "dd/MM/yyyy;". That is what it looks like and I do not understand why the ";" is added to the "dd/MM/yyyy" making it error when trying to parse the "dd/MM/yyyy" data as there is a symbol that does clearly not belong there.

The ";" is not visible in the csv file and it is something that gets added to the "dd/MM/yyyy" data when I import the data to the process.

What is causing this and more importantly how can I fix this as I can not remove the ";" from the CSV file before it gets imported as ";" is added to the "dd/MM/yyyy" data as the file is imported?

I hope I made myself clear on my issue, can you help me solve this please?


I attached a picture that shows my problem.


Many thanks in advance!


Best Wishes,



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    H_LahtinenH_Lahtinen Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
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    OK I solved the problem.


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    DocMusherDocMusher Member Posts: 333 Unicorn


    Was the solution in any of these messages or provided by PM?

    Would be nice to share.


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