How to remove NA?

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Hi there,

Would you please help me.

I removed the value NA, so the number changed from 3000 to 0.

But the problems is that it still shows "NA".

How can I remove the "NA"? 



Because the "NA" is still there, so the decision tree shows like this : 



Is there any way to completely remove this "NA"?


Thank you for your help in advance : )



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    The 'remove unused attributes' should do the trick in this case.



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    Hi @707531,


    The problem you are facing is that the mapping of your nominal attribute does not automatically remove the 'N/A' value. The operator which was meant by @kayman is 'Remove Unused Values', which will remove 'N/A' from the mapping of your attribute.


    Best regards,



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    Hi kayman,

    Thank you for your help but would you kindly help me again?

    I couldn't find 'remove unused attributes' but I found 'Remove Useless Attributes'.

    I tried it, but the NA is still there...

    Would you please let me know how to use it to completely remove the NA?


    Thank you,


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    How to remove class NA? help me please~

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    Yeah, I shouldn't try to name the operators out of my head...


    Now, in rare occasions I also noticed that using the operator on its own doesn't always lead to success, so what you could try is to combine it with an append operator.


    So first append, even if there is just one recordset. This kind of forces 'shadowsets' in the background to merge with the current set, and then use the 'Remove Unused Values' operator.

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    Hi Fabian & Kayman,

    Oh, I get it, thanks a lot for your kind explanation  :smileyvery-happy:

    Have a nice day :smileyhappy:


    Thank you,


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