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I would like to download the open-source (AGPL-3) version of RapidAnalytics (any version compatible with rapidminer 5 will be ok).  RapidAnalytics was developed for the e-LICO project  (see caption below), which recieved public EU-FP7 funding,  so it should be available to the public as part of the outcome of a publicly financed research, exactly like rapidminer 5 that is available in github. 


However, I have searched everywhere on this website and on the web (github, etc...) and I cannot find any version of RapidAnalytics....


I have been in contact with the Rapidminer support team and it was totally useless: I never received the promised follow up...



does someone know where I can find/download it? OR does someone in the Rapidminer community still has a copy of RapidAnalytics that he could send me? through google-drive or by e-mail... 


ps: I am not interested in the new versions of RapidMiner Server, I need RapidAnalytics for compatibility, functionality and licence reasons... so please do not suggest me to download/ask for a  RapidMiner Server licence.


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    hello @Santagiustina - sorry for that confusion. I have not heard that term "RapidAnalytics" in a long time. :) Indeed RapidAnalytics was developed under AGPL. Please PM me here on the community and I will get you a copy.




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