What does this results mean from cross distances using euclidean distance

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My apologies if this is a really stupid question...

I've ran cross distances using Euciladean distance on 2 excel files, one containing 1 row of relevant keywords etc, 1 containing 504 rows. The aim was to compare the similarity of each row to the relevant keywords. If that makes sense. 

Ok so it all worked, which is great!! Except I don't know what the numbers mean.... can anyone shed some light on this please. Perhaps it isn't actually doing what I think it is doing??

thank you so much :) 




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    lets say you got two attributes age and salary. What Cross Distance is doing for each item in the reference and the request set is:


    distance(ref_i, req_j)


    if you use euclidian distance you get:


    d = sqrt (   (age_i - age_j)² + (salary_i - salary_j)² )


    i hope this helps.




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    Sorry for the late reply, but that's great. Thank you for your help

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