How to export the RM results.

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How to export the output of RM to a Python file.  or any kind of file. how to use the RM info in a Python script manually ? 



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    Hi Paul,


    You can do it in many ways, but here are two simple ones.


    1. Instead of "exporting" your results to Python, you can use the Python Extension for RapidMiner Studio/Server. Both your inputs and outputs are, in this case, pandas frames.
    2. Your results could be exported as CSV files with the "Write CSV" operator. Then with any CSV library, you can import to Python separately.

    The advantage of using the Python Extension is that your project is contained within RapidMiner, and that gives you a lot of flexibility (I just tweeted about a case here, where I had to extend RapidMiner's functionalities with Python because there are no lemmatization systems available for Spanish). The advantage of exporting your results to CSV, Excel or a Database are that you aren't limited to Python, and can use Java, Ruby, or whatever you want with the proper libraries.


    Hope this helps,


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