Execute Python: Script cannot be parsed error!

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Hello! For some reason, when i press run to execute python, this popped up. May i know what's wrong?



python error 1.PNGreason python.PNG


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    please have a look at the documentation and the examples. You need to define a main function called rm_main(...) which needs to be called. It's all explained in the examples.




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    Thank you so much! I have one more question! 

    I was wondering how do i load the data "Read CSV file" in python and then print it out?

    read and analyse da6ta.PNG

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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn

    As far as I can see the result should be your csv file, as you basically do data in -> data out


    If you want to use the print logic keep in mind that the behaviour might be a bit unexpected, as the python operator will write your print statements to the log file, but not to the output. The output will be a panda dataframe by default

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