Cases involving resource allocation

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I wanted to know if there is already a Case in rapidminer that involves the following problem:


I have 3 machines which are constantly moving between 5 locations, each one has a daily cost of use, a cost of transportation between each point and different delivery in hours per location, I would like to know which is the optimal machine allocation between locations in order to maximize hours of use and have the minimum cost, I have an idea in R with a function and maximize the function with restrictions, but I dont know If I do this in rapidminer?


Thank you


If there is an applied case that is close to this problem it would come very handy!


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    you could use Prescriptive Optimization for it. Would be a bit of creative usage though.




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    Yes, this seems like more of a straightforward operations research constrained optimization problem.  You could probably repurpose RapidMiner to do something like this, but you may find an easier solution using a purpose-built solver for this type of problem (e.g., simplex method / linear programming).  There are many such tools out there, including some that are plug-ins for Excel, so a little bit of google searching should be a good starting point.


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