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Mandatory input in Extract Entities operator

myRM404414myRM404414 Member Posts: 14 Learner I
edited December 2018 in Help
I tried the process made by "Search Twitter" + "Analyze Sentiment" + "Extract Entities" and got new colums in the dataset as result. I can't understand why the operator "Extraxt Entites" shows "Potential problem detected" saying that mandatory input is missing: the input is present (the data coming from Twitter) adn I have a table as the result of the analysis. Thanks.

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    myRM404414myRM404414 Member Posts: 14 Learner I
    Hello Brian. Thanks.
    Yes, I valued the word "potential" as the possible real solution. Just I expected that at a certain point the exclamation mark would have gone away because the system had got the input was actually there. I'm new at RM so I also thought the problem was the sequence, the operator "Exctrat Entities" after the operator "Analyze sentiment": if I connect "Extract Entities" directly to "Search Twitter" there are no exclamation marks, even if the source is again Twitter. So I'm not sure that sequence is correct, though I obtained a result. :)

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    myRM404414myRM404414 Member Posts: 14 Learner I
    This should be another "partially", because... well, it's my comment up there. I say yes anyway. ;)

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