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How to use Word2Vec

morphismmorphism Member Posts: 18 Learner I
edited June 2019 in Help

Hello, everyone

I want to use Word2Vec operator, which belongs to Word2Vec extension.

Word2Vec operator has one output, which is model.

I tried the tutorial process for Word2Vec operator,

but the output of Word2Vec operator doesn't contain anything.

It just says "Word2Vec Model with 119 words"

There is no output data.

How can I use Word2Vec in RapidMiner??

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    morphismmorphism Member Posts: 18 Learner I

    Hello, Martin.

    Thank you.!

    I just found from the tutorial, Extract Dictionary is the one as you told me.

    Then, is "Extract Dictionary" operator the only one I can use right after "Word2Vec"??

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    morphismmorphism Member Posts: 18 Learner I

    Dear Martin.

    Thank you and see you again...

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