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A package in the marketplace called "RestAPI" supports a simple "POST Request" processor with a parameter "Body Category" (x-www-formurlencoded or raw) and raw data (JSON, XML, HTML, ...)

Does the Web Mining package has a similar process? The Get Page process doesn't seem to have these "Raw body" parameters

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    Thanks @sgenzer

    I made it work by using the "Enrich Data via Webservice" indeed. 
    If you want to send a JSON body type you have to add to request properties Content-Type (as property) and application/json (as value).


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    hi @mugicagonzalez_ - so that "RestAPI" extension is produced by Aptus Data Labs, not RapidMiner. I am cc'ing @SamirSahooAptus to see if he has someone who can answer your query about this.

    If you just want to do a POST request with a body, I would use the "Enrich Data via Webservice" operator in the Web Mining package, or if you're feeling adventurous, the amazing new Web Automation extension by Old World Computing.

    I have many, many examples here on the community showing how to do REST API calls using RapidMiner. 

    cc @land

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