Error while connecting to database when running the process locally to fetch the data from db table

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There is a Read database operator that has to connect to db and get data from table.When i run it on server it works file but, when i run it on locally it throws an error saying
Database error occurred: No suitable driver found for unknown:prefix://hostname:port/db_schema_name.
I am trying to connect to vertica db and using rapidminer studio 9.0 here. I have vertica-jdbc-8.1.1-18.jar in rapidminer libs directory.
Could you please help us solving this issue?


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    JessForbesRMJessForbesRM RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 38 RM Data Scientist

    Vertica is not one of the packaged Rapidminer jdbc connections, however it is not too difficult to add any third party jdbc driver.  It sounds like whoever configured your server has already added a connection for vertica to the server.  However, for it to work inside of your local studio you must have the same connection available.

    Inside of your Studio view you will see a drop down for Connections.  Select view database drivers - does yours show something for Vertica?

    If not we need to add it.  You can do this following the walkthrough on our docs page here - https://docs.rapidminer.com/latest/studio/how-to/mysql-connector.html - the walkthrough uses mySQL but it is the same for most jdbc drivers.  

    Once you have added the path to your vertica jdbc you can advance to the next step of adding the connection to your vertica db.  

    Inside of the connection drop down you will see manage database connection - you need to enter the specific information for your Vertica install there.  It seems like someone in your organization has already configured a jdbc connection so they may be able to share their connection information with you.  

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