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I work with a dataset containing 96 examples and thus I can't use Auto-Model because the new min number of examples is 100 !
Is there any reason to this new limitation ?



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    Hi @lionelderkrikor ,
    i guess the answer is that the new features would overfit too much? @IngoRM ?
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    Yes, indeed.  Plus we changed the validation approach a bit (see some of the other threads in the community - I will post answers there soon as well) to get to more robust estimations.  This unfortunately meant that we need more data for the validation part of the models which required to increase the limit from the 50 rows to 100. 
    We have looked into the statistics and it seemed that less than 3% of all AM runs have been on data sets of less than 100 rows and while we are sorry that we had to increase the limit (making the life harder for those 3% of the runs) we still believe that the improvements in validation and the addition of feature engineering justified this decision.
    Again, sorry for the inconvenience & best,


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