how the "Most Likely / Prediction" in Model Simulator calculated??

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what the algorithm or the criteria were taken to find the  Most Likely / Prediction. if I want to write it as science in a research paper.

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    It is the confidence level of the underlying machine learning model.  Here is some more information:
    Technically only for the Bayes classifier the confidence equals a probablity but it has a similar meaning for all other models as well.  For example in an SVM, the confidence is typically computed based on the distance of the data point to the separating hyperplane.
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    bniyaseenbniyaseen Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
    I have doubt in two points:
    1: how the confidence level calculated for the model and for each label?
    2: what is the best confidence level(high or low)?
    and in this result below, what means on 97% and how decided that the GOD class is the most likely 
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