"Regarding training Performance metrics in cross Validation"

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I am looking to get performance metrics (AUC, Accuracy & RMSE) during training in a cross-validation operator. Are there any suggestions for this?

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    Hi Varun, have you tried logging the output using the log operator? Also see if connecting the performance to data operator inside the cross validation operator does what you want.
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    As my colleagues have mentioned, it is possible to get this information from RapidMiner using the Log operator.  However, I would be quite careful, typically the training error is NOT useful for understanding your model performance.  That's the whole reason you are doing cross-validation, to understand the error on the test set instead.

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    Hi @Telcontar120. Thanks for your response. I am looking into CV test performance, this training performance is to compare with some other work going on.

    @hughesfleming68 @lionelderkrikor Thank you.
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    Just wanted to chime in since this is a topic I care a lot about (as many probably know by now :wink: )  Even this type of comparison can be pretty much useless.  Reminder: the most simple machine learning model in the world (K-Nearest Neighbors with k=1) has always training error of 0% :smiley:
    Anyway, here is my "magnum opus" on validations and why training errors should be always completely ignored IMHO:
    Hope I do not sound like a cranky school teacher here though...
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