Regarding Input shape of data into CNN deep learning extension

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In the current deep learning extension, how is the input shape of CNN considered? In tensorflow, when I train images(converted to pixels) the shape of an array is (nb_samples, rows, columns, channels) for a 2d Conv. How will this happen in CNN of RM? Can we specify the samples? Is there a different convolution 1D or 2D or 3D option that can be chosen which I didn't find in the operator. 

@hughesfleming68 any input on this?



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    Hi Varun, unfortunately I don't have an answer. Perhaps @pschlunder could explain. I have only just started to scratch the surface with some CNN tests on time series problems with DL4J. If anything, I should be asking you questions not the other way around. :smile: Have you taken a look at the DL4J documentation and cheat sheets?

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    Hi @hughesfleming68

    I have gone through the document, thanks for sharing. It says that normal convolution operator is a 2D, but I am not sure how it's taking (nb_samples,channels, image_rows, image_columns) values. Will try to check it out.

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