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I have 2 sets of .csv files. 

One has attributes of 2_distance, 2_speed, 2_time, 3_distance, 3_speed, 3_time... 800_distance, 800_speed, 800_time and so on. With the numbers representing the location ID. Example, 2_time represents the time taken at location ID 2.

The second set of data has attributes of the ID, latitude and longitude of the location. Example, location ID 3 is located at latitude and longitude of 50.05775 and 19.96138 respectively.

So my question is how can I link/merge the files so that when I plot the graph for let's say 2_distance, 2_speed or 2_time (either one), I am able to find out the latitude and longitude of location ID 2 automatically?

Really appreciate any form of help!! Thanks!


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