Variable importance plot+Coefficient estimates

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Hello everyone, 

I applied a generalized Linear model on my dataset and it worked perfectly. However, I couldn't interpret the importance of the variables since I found not plot for this purpose. I couldnt also find any coefficient estimates for the predictors. Is there an operator for that or did I miss a connection? 

Thank you a lot in advance!

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    Hi @islem_h

    Regarding coefficients:
    You should output the linear model itself from (for example) 'Apply model' output port to the main process output port. It will show an additional tab in the results pane, where all the model coefficients are shown.


  • islem_hislem_h Member Posts: 19 Contributor I
    Thank you @kypexin !
    Since I am using the cross validation operator, I made a 2. connection out of it to the output port.

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