Google Cloud Translate via Web Enrichment Transform

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I am attempting to translate spanish and indonesian languages to english via google translate api.  I am using the example posted on this board to by using the following url:

*** I split this apart as Raidminer thinks I'm posting a nefarious link... ****

   translation . googleapis . com / language / translate / v2 / detect?key=mykey

I have a 'Read Database' query that get's the data I need.  I named the field with the text to be translated as 'ActionDesc'.
I have set the following on the 'Enrich Data by Webservice' control:
 query type  = JasonPath
 attribute type = nominal
  jsonpath queries with attribute name = ActionDescTrans and query expression as $..translatedText
  request method = POST
  service method = foo
  body = 
             'q': '<%ActionDesc%>',
             'target': 'en',
             'format': 'text'
   request properties = property = ActionDesc  value = ActionDesc

The process runs and returns my 10 rows I expect, but the ActionDescTrans field just has '?"

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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  • kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn
    Could you share your process, but ensure to comment out your key? 
    That would make it easier to troubleshoot
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