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Hi, I am currently trying to use Auto Model with a data set which has roughly 1300 rows. 
When I load the data I can see amount of rows at 1300, in select task it also has 1300 rows, the same in prepare target however when I get the results and choose a certain model, then go into predictions I can only see scoring for around 520 rows.

Is there any reason that about half of the rows are missing or not being displayed? I wondered if it was something to do with editing the model types? Currently I am just using the default setting e.g. Use regularisation, Automatically optimise. 

I am currently using an academic license and I checked if it was a row limit but I have unlimited, which makes sense as when I manually make the models I can get results for the 1300 rows. 

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    MadcapMadcap Member Posts: 14 Contributor I
    Thanks that makes sense.

    Just one final thing, if that is okay, which results would I be inclined to use then? The manual decision tree (with cross validation) which takes into account all the rows or the auto model which takes 40%? The numbers are very similar maybe only 1%-2% difference, with auto model having higher accuracy.

    Thanks again
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    MadcapMadcap Member Posts: 14 Contributor I
    Thanks for your help guys.
    I will take the cross validation reading then, I am actually looking into RapidMiner for my honours project (dissertation) so all of this advice is really helpful gives me more to write about!

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    Yes, consistent with my comments above, I would report the performance results from the cross-validation.
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