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A RapidMiner user wants to know the answer to this question: "Hey there, I am trying to connect my FP-growth with Create Association and it won't run because it says "The example set contains Non-Nominal attribute." any idea why this is happening? I would also love to add the XML Process but it is not under "Show panel." so I can't access it. Thank you."


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    can you change your data into nominal using operators such as "Text to Nominal" or "Date to Nominal". Seems like FP groth needs nominal data to work.
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    so can you please put a breakpoint after your "Nominal to Binominal" operator and show the results (Statistics view) of the data set prior to entering FP-Growth? It's clear this is where the problem occurs.

    And you should be able to get to your XML view but it is at the bottom of the list...maybe you did not scroll down far enough? It's in alphabetical order.

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