"Is there an Randomized Projections operator (built-in or extension)"

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I’m trying to experiment with several different dimensionality reduction operators. One that I’ve been unable to locate is called Randomized Projections. (I have found PCA, ICA, and others). I'm wondering if operator this is implemented in RapidMiner? If so, I would appreciate any help in getting pointed in the right direction. 

Thanks in advance!


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    I'm not aware of any implementation. But there are R and Python packages that implement the Random Projection (RandPro for R and sklearn.random_projection for Python). They can be executed with the scripting extensions (just look at the RapidMiner marketplace).
    There is also a Weka implementation available, so implementing the algorithm as an own extension also won't be to much of an effort.


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    Thank you. I’ll give that a try. 
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