Time series Disparity chart or YoY difference chart

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I 'm trying to depict the Max/MIN/Median differences of a time series data set. Please see below my data set and i wanted to depict the Year-over-year differences of a given sample.

I do have around 3k unique customerid's and wanted to get a sense of average differences of all these custid's with regards to there year-over-year sales trend. How do i show this in a good graphical way?


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    I would simply compute the YoY differences as a new attribute (using the Lag operator or using Generate Attributes) and then you can do some summary statistics on this difference using Aggregate such as different percentiles (5/10/25/50/75/90/95) and min/max.  Then you can graph these if you want.  If you have subsections of the examples that make sense for grouping these metrics could be calculated on each of those.
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    Thank you makes sense
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