What Benefits does Normalisation offer?

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Hi, I understand that when normalising my data it puts values into a specific range.
I know that this can help for machine learning purposes but I'm unclear on how? 

Would someone mind clearing this up for me?
Thanks again

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  • MadcapMadcap Member Posts: 14 Contributor I
    Thanks a lot for your help on this and past questions! @varunm1
    Very helpful
  • MadcapMadcap Member Posts: 14 Contributor I
    Thank @IngoRM that is helpful. I had been creating my decisions trees and rule models etc, with normalised data mainly because in the tutorials I had done it. I definitely understand the readability aspect of it as I found myself trying to uncover what a standardised value actually represented.

    Thanks again
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    Just a clarifying note that normalization doesn't actually change the distribution of the underlying variables itself, but it does change their range.  In spite of the name, normalization doesn't magically transform underlying data into a "normal" distribution.  So you still might need to worry about outlier detection and removal techniques depending on the actual data you are using.  
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